Yoga Charity Project


Since 2006 we just try our best



along with special events






Since 2022 all above it needs
clean drinkingwater




and always true love where it`s needed mostly





A simple way
to support is the 
donation box for your pocket money

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Through our direct contact to India, we are able to provide 100% donations reliably, without bureaucratic hurdles, primarily for food and personal hygiene, especially for children.
A drop in the ocean and yet vital for every individual with one more meal a day.
We would be happy to send a donation cube to your home free of charge.
Simply enter your address in the form and we will keep in touch.

Bank Transfer

Carmen & Raimund Feher
IBAN: AT70 1420 0200 1250 7217
Betreff: Spende Indien





  • every child is important

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