Right of Recission


As a consumer, you have a two-week withdrawal under the following conditions:

You can cancel your contract within two weeks without giving reasons in text form(for ex. Letter, e-mail) or if the matter is let to you before deadline – – by sending back the matter it will withdrawaled. The time limit begins after receipt of this instruction in text form. In order to remain in the withdrawal period it is enaugh to send the matter or withdrawal within the limited time period. The withdrawal is to sended to:

Raimund Feher, Krallgasse 15, 1220 Wien, Austria. E-Mail: raimund.feher@gmail.com

Please understand and realize that in case of cancellation of your registration after the 20th day before begin of the course we have to charge you 100% of the participation fee, because it is not – or very difficult – to arrange that someone else will take you place, and our calculation is dissordered. Cancellation explanations are only possible in writing along with your signature.

Consequences of revocation

In case of a successfull revocation are the received ratings to be given back and if applicable there is a profit (for ex. Bank interest) to be handed out. The period begins for you when you send your contract termination, for us with their reception.End oft he conditions

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