Terms and Conditions

Terms of Raimund Michael Feher For courses , trainings, workshops and camps

1. organizer

Raimund Michael Feher hereinafter called the organizer Krallgasse 15 1220 Wien Austria Tel : 0043 (0) 660 65 77 658

2. application

For registration it is necessary that the subscriber logs exclusively through our online registration form, which is completed in full , for our events , seminars, etc later than 2 days before the appointment. Due to these legally binding registration , a written reservation confirmation and the invoice . The amount is to be paid within the period specified on the invoice .

3. Terms of Payment / Fee

After the mandatory registration, the participant receives a confirmation . The total invoice amount is entirely within the being surrounded in the accounting period , free of charges to be paid into the account indicated on the invoice . Payment from a customer apply only from the date of receipt in our business account . With deposit the reservation is made . Any delay in payment , we are entitled to pass on the reserved seminar space to people in the waiting list. If the event is already fully booked , you will receive at any rate a place on the waiting list and will be notified immediately on release of a place from us. Next can not make any claims ( of whatever kind ) towards the organizer / provider netting as claimed participants . Any claims against the organizer must never be transferred to third parties (so-called non-assignment clause ! )

4. Cancellation / Rebooking / Cancellation

Please note and have you understand that 100 % of the registration fee, we need you in case of cancellation of your registration after the 20th day before the event to invoice because in this short time the vacant space can no longer be granted and thus the would no longer hold calculation. Cancellation explanations are possible only in writing along with your signature. You have the option to send a replacement .

5. Cancellation of Events

We kindly ask for your understanding if the event had to be canceled at preventing the conductor or due to lack of participants . In these cases, we will notify you of any cancellations or changes required of the program as far as possible in writing by mail , if necessary, by telephone or in any other form. The basis for the understanding of a cancellation, the data provided during registration . In case of cancellation of an event by our side, we will refund you the total amount already paid conference back to your specified account. Any further claims are excluded entirely .

6. changes / program transformation

The organizer reserves changes to the program , location , dates , etc. before . Changes of the director / speakers etc. are possible if necessary because of illness , for example . All these changes lead to absolutely no claims of participants or third parties against the organizers in any form.

7. expulsion of a participant in courses

If the behavior during a course or outside his unseemly and respketlos against the organizer , it reserves the right to refer someone in front of the organizers. The unused units will be reimbursed financially aliquot . Whether the referenced participant can attend a course at a later point in time , is the sole responsibility of the organizer.

8. Tests for meditation trainer – teacher

The Abnhame the examination to meditation coach – teacher is up to the meditation Verband Austria . Thus, this is also responsible for any disagreement on the test results . If the performance target is not achieved in the tests of the participants has 3 ways to pass the exam successfully . The Veranstlater does not guarantee a successful outcome .

9. Limitation of liability of the organizer

The participation in an event at your own risk . By registering , you agree that you are of sound mind in full possession and can provide independently for your physical and psychological health and safety. The organizer and the speaker (s) are at all times entitled persons who endanger the personal safety of operators, visitors , speakers or the attainment of the learning objective or the running of the event endanger / disturb exclude from further participation . A refund of subscription fees is excluded in such cases in their entirety. The organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage brought clothes and objects to events, and not for any personal and other property damage ! The application of the acquired knowledge and skills whatsoever no warranty or liability claims against the speakers and the organizers can be made. In the event of any liability of this is limited to the registration fee net per person. The burden of proof , so to prove the innocence of the organizer to a shortage or damage is excluded. Unless explicitly agreed otherwise in writing by mutual agreement and , covered by the organizer no liability for consequential damages, lost profits, or at best failed application or implementation of an event. In addition, the liability for ordinary or gross negligence. In no event shall the organizer of some form of a guarantee of success or a strict liability . You will be asked questions about your health before the course starts shure if there are köerperliche difficulties and can cause problems in the practice of exercises.

10. Privacy

The information provided by you will be processed and stored by electronic means in compliance with data protection legislation . A disclosure of data to third parties . Unless otherwise stated by the contractor , the Organiser may use this data for their own information and advertising purposes.

11. Governing Law

It is the law in Austria or the country in which we act as promoters. For consumers, according to the Consumer Protection Act, the relevant mandatory consumer protection provisions apply , Any personal descriptions apply to both sexes .

12. Jurisdiction

Place of performance and jurisdiction for all claims arising out of a contract and any disputes shall be exclusively the office of the organizer in Kufstein / Austria . Information for you from the Consumer Protection Act in Austria :

Consumers / consumer from Austria can from a closed distance contract – ie even at online stores – withdraw within a specified period . To a closed distance contract is if no simultaneous physical presence of the parties are required to complete the contract, such as with a conclusion in via the Internet or telephone. Prerequisite is that the entrepreneur / entrepreneur has an organized distance sales or service performance system, eg through a website. For the cancellation it is sufficient that the cancellation is sent within this period. It must not be given reasons for the resignation . The withdrawal period comprises seven working days , the Saturday is not a working day , nor a holiday. In contracts for the supply of goods, the period begins with the date of receipt of the goods at the consumer / consumer . For contracts for the provision of services , the period begins with the date of contract . A longer cooling-off period may be agreed to shorten this period is excluded. The withdrawal period is three months , when the Online-Shop-Betreiberin/der online shop owner her / has not complied with its statutory duty to provide information . Sets the Online-Shop-Betreiberin/der online shop operators the relevant information during the period of three months within which to commence on the date of transmission of information, the cooling-off period of seven working days for the consumer / consumer to run. “

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